cropped-thelogo2.pngThe Brand

UNITY Fitness started as a realization, the realization that sports & fitness has the power to unite people. Whether to win a championship, set a personal record, or even cheer on a team, people come together regardless of race, politics, or beliefs to achieve a common goal. In a world so divided, sports & fitness has the power to bring people together. The philanthropy aspect also started with somewhat of a realization. Fitness is inherently a very selfish thing, but not necessarily in a negative way. You exercise so that you, yourself can feel, look, and perform better and for many people that is not enough motivation to exercise. Adding in the donation portion was a way of accomplishing two things. The first is as a way to give to communities or organizations that are striving to make the world a better place. The second is to give people an extra motivation to exercise, so that you’re not just working out for yourself, but for a cause you believe in.



cropped-good4.jpgThe Founder

Founder and Head Trainer, Mike Turner, grew up in Baltimore County, Maryland and his entire life has been heavily focused around sports & fitness. From playing football, basketball, and lacrosse through High-School, to eventually playing football at a collegiate level for Cornell University, where he studied Applied Economics. After college, though his playing days were over, the love for sports and fitness never died and he thought long and hard about how he could intertwine his love for sports & fitness with his educational background in business and a passion for philanthropy. Roughly two years after graduating, he developed the idea of UNITY Fitness and decided to earn his personal training certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).